Art for your Business


Take advantage of a 100% tax deduction on the purchase of artworks for your business.

Immediately available, is a 100% tax deduction to spend up to $30,000 (per item) on art purchases for your business.

The $30,000 limit applies to each individual purchase. You may purchase as many items as you like and claim the deduction on each one.

Zuz Arte Gallery stands behind the application on this tax deduction for the purchase of art but as always, buyers should seek their own taxation advice.

If you have a business, this is a great opportunity to improve your workplace morale and employee engagement with inspiring and uplifting art.

Our collection spans a vast range of contemporary and traditional art created by Australian artists – including original paintings, limited edition prints and sculpture. The $30,000 limit is the maximum tax deduction for any single purchase, but you can make as many purchases up to that amount as you like.

Art for businesses is a fantastic and instantaneous way to improve your space.